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Bring balance and peace to your life.

At Pure Sensations, we offer a very relaxing environment where we can focus and heal. As an empathetic and intuitive healer, Master Richard Schembri is highly skilled at understanding your energy and where it may be out of balance. A session with Master Richard not only promotes balance and healing, but attracts abundance and an understanding of your life.

A session with Master Richard is an amazing experience and highly encouraged by his clients. Master Richard is a renowned healer. he is very unique and known for guiding thousands of clients globally.

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Feel Tired, Run Down



As a Healer, I can help you calm the mind, body and spirit. I will remove the energy that is weighing you down. I can see what is depleting your energy and correct it. You will leave feeling refreshed, relaxed as well as energetic and ready to ENJOY LIFE!


Seeing me will get to the root cause of the problem, and not just offer a band-aid solution for the issue. A very simple healing with amazing results!

Master Richard Schembri


I have seen Richard for Reiki sessions a number of times and I always leave feeling energised, relaxed and much clearer of mind.


Taryn - Castle Hill

Negative thoughts, Anxiety, DEPRESSION



Are you suffering from ANXIETY or DEPRESSION? Do you have negative thought patterns and find it hard to be happy and enjoy life?

I have been there and I do understand. Without going into too much detail, I have suffered Depression more than once in my lifetime. I have also had a good period in life - then lost almost everything after a business went under. And Much More...




I am what people call a Psychic Empath Healer, which means I can very quickly pick up on your feelings, emotions and what the issues are. You will be amazed at how I can explain what you are going through, just by picking up on your energy. I wil prove to you many times that something is happening and you will feel it during the session.

I will firstly understand how this has happened, and then I will remove the energy associated with the issue, causing healing. I do this using hands on healing and breathwork therapy techniques. You will feel the energy as a wonderful warm glow running through your body. When complete, you will feel as though a great weight has lifted.


I will then work with you to ensure this energy and issue does not return and will guide you in creating the OUTCOME YOU WANT.

Do you feel Stuck or are not sure what to do in life?


Again I will see why you are feeling this way and correct the energy of it. Clearing the energy, we will allow positive energy to flow towards your goals and I will see what is true to your path, sending positive energy towards getting it. You will be sure to attract and enjoy the LIFE YOU WANT!

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Having a session of Reiki with Richard was a very relaxing and peaceful experience. Richard explains everything and is a joy to talk to.  After the session,  I felt like a lot of stresses were lifted, and I was thinking a lot clearer and calmer.


Andrew - Strathfield

An amazing person. Richard helped me feel better about myself, and understand why I was unhappy.  I enjoy life now and have never looked back. Thank You Richard!

Jeanette - Nth Ryde

Suffering with anxiety for 12 years, my wife called Richard as a last resort ! I wish I had done so firstly.  I had a few sessions with Richard and now I am better than ever. I have even started my own business and I havent had an attack for almost a year now.


Christopher - Fairfield

Richard helped me understand my spiritual path and why I was seeing things others couldnt explain. I am so glad to make a life long friend with Richard.


Sunil - Glenwood

Take back

Your life.


Relieve Pain, Illness or General Physical Health.

I have helped with many physical issues from BROKEN BONES to FIBROMYALGIA. My healings will go where it is needed and you will feel the healing taking place and working on your issue.


Clients who have pain or physical ailments will leave with the pain or issue diminished or removed (depending on how severe it was)


My Healings will compliment any other modality such as Chiro, Physio or Naturopathy. It will simply give the modality more effect and speed up the healing process. Healing will also compliment modern medicine. Many other professionals will recommend Reiki Treatments as a compliment to their practice.




Your Greatest Self.


You don't have to be unwell to come see me. Many of my clients have come just to see what I can do. These clients see me periodically and have experienced a greater love and enjoyment of life, direction and continued health and happiness.


As an Intuitive Healer, I will ensure your guided to the correct life path. A life that IS YOU! We are unlimited beings, my goal is to ensure you don't create limits and rise to your very highest potential.



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This session could change your life


Sessions are held in my clinic in Castle Hill NSW, healing sessions are $90 per appointment and usually last 1.5 hours.


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Available daily by appointment.


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